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Currently Evening Conservatory Student - Atlantic Theater NYC


A Bit About Me

I am originally from Italy but my curiosity brought me to live for several years in the UK, France and now the USA, enabling me to perfect my language skills but also to absorb the cultures and communication codes of those places. 

I have a past life in scientific research and I practice aerial silks as a sport.

I originally started to take aerial silks lessons to overcome my fear of heights and ended up loving it.

I act because it`s fun.

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Secret Lovers -

Roberto Volta

Tinman -

Mark Cohen

I am extremely happy that Mark Cohen , a very young director from Columbia University, contacted me to be part of his slapstick comedy project. I got to play a wacky supporting character who decides to play the flute in an unconventional manner, I was surprised I could actually produce some notes holding it incorrectly from the second scene on. 

I was most happy to meet someone with such a sense of aesthetic and artistic vision , clarity on what he wanted and his directions and good manner. Keep an eye on this guy...if he plays his cards well he has the potential to become a big one!

Secret Lovers -

Roberto Volta

I am very excited to join Roberto Volta, a very talented photographer, as lead character for his first project as director in the USA, we are shooting an MOS experimental this November! Collaboration, good energy and mutual growth. 

Light -

Vignesh Rajendran

Another Short with Digital Film academy this month, I am looking forward to the footage and I must say it is a pleasure to work with different directors and getting to understand their style and vision. It is especially nice when the director and the crew can create a safe and fun environment to work in and learn from each other.

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